Theme Lists!

So apparently in MKII there will be theme lists. I have seen a few theme lists already created over at House Shyeel (home of the Filthy Elves!) hehe. So from what I understand each warcaster or warlock will have a theme list that you can use to "break" certain rules or gain special benefits.

Now I myself am PUMPED by this. Why? Cause I love building theme lists. Now being able to actually pick a caster and get a benefit by going with a theme is going to be EXTRA Awesome.

So what kind of theme lists do you want to see? Right now I dont have a lot to go on, having only played Madrak but I see his list being very Champion or Kriel Warrior heavy (Given his feat and general playstyle).



Silence...is not golden.

So I know I have not updated in a long while since obtaining my trolls. Sadly I have been insanely busy at work with some changes that are happening, and have not had a chance to even play again. This of course makes me sad.

Furthermore I was and still am testing Champions Online, which is a new MMO coming out September 1st. I was in the closed beta and now its the Open Beta so thats going along as well. Finally, me the wife our roomate and our friend are trying to find a bigger place to move into come Feb 2010.

I have a unit of Champions now, a unit of KSB (Kriel Stone Bearers), a Fel Caller, and a Chronicler to put together still. I got those a few weeks ago and just have not had a chance to get them together. So many things to do and only so much time to do them in. Hopefully soon I can get them put together.

Then comes the task of PAINTING all this metal. That just may have to wait. Hopefully I can get this together for the next league so I can get some games in.