Current Plans!

So, I figured I would lay out my "current plans" for my forces. Right now, I have pStryker, an Ironclad, Charger, and Lancer, and a squire. Now, I want to go and get to 500 points fairly quickly, so I can play in League play at my FLGS.

Army: Special Forces
Faction: Cygnar
Army Points: 500/500
Victory Points: 18

Commander Coleman Stryker
Journeyman Warcaster
Long Gunners (10)
Precursor Knights (6)
Precursor Knight Officer and Standard Bearer

I figured that I can put the Long Gunners behind the Knights, and use the knights as a screen. With the UA for the Knights, they get Kneel and my units can fire through them. I am pretty sure this is a solid list, but I am having issues expanding it to 750. I also wanted to try Darius, the Jack Buddy but I am not sure I am even ready for such a person.

Also, I wanted to start a Hordes (Trollbloods) force, but I am not sure if I should get my 500 points of Cygnar first, or get the Trollbloods starter to see if I prefer the Hordes mechanics.

Decisions decisions.


Learning to Paint

So this evening I went up to my Friendly Local Gaming Store (see Sidebar!) and chatted with some of my fellow gamers. I watched as one man, named Matt, got himself a whole bunch more Khador and Mercs (joy, I am doomed when I face him again) and also talked a bunch of 4th Ed stuff.

Amidst this however was one of the store employee's (whose name escapes me) painting some Ork Nobs in Power armor. He is very good at painting, in my opinion. And he took the time to teach me a few things when I asked.

He explained primarily how to highlight and how to wash, and also how to get more depth out of the paint. So hopefully soon I will be able to TEST these techs. Once I do I will be sure to share my success (or failures)


The Start of my Adventure

So, the name is Clayton. If you came from one of my other blogs, then welcome. If you found this place from somewhere else, then welcome still! Who am I you might be asking?

I am a gamer. For a long time I played video games primarily and some D&D. However, about 10 years ago I wanted to get into miniature games and tried my hand at 40k. I did not enjoy it (mainly the painting aspect) and I gave up. A few years later I tried Warhammer Fantasy, and once again the painting and sheer amount of mini's needed turned me away.

Then, about a year ago, I heard about Warmachine. I looked into it and really got into the fluff. It took me getting a new job and being financially secure before I was willing to try my hand at it. This happened about 3 weeks ago.

So I bit the bullet, went to my Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS) and got myself a Cygnar Battlebox. I played a game 2 days later and now I am hooked.

I have since played 2 other games against the same guy as my first, and have added a Squire to my force.

I also decided to start this blog, here, to detail my adventures with painting, collecting, and playing the game Warmachine, and eventually Hordes. I dig the Trollbloods of Hordes you see. So I hope you enjoy your stay here! See ya later.

Oh, and say hello to my current family:

From Left to Right: Commander Stryker, Lancer, Ironclad (PURPLE!), Charger, Squire