We have MOVED

Ok everyone. I know this is sudden but its something I have been considering doing for a while.

I have moved my site, and renamed it. No longer will I be "Adventures in Warmachine."

The new site is called Iron Kingdom Adventures, and can be found at http://ikadventures.wordpress.com/

I decided to move based on a few factors but I don't feel like boring you all with them. Suffice to say, that is where you will find my updates, and of course on Iron Agenda once I get the feed fixed.

An Open Invitation

Ok so on my last post a gent by the name of Dominic commented. Apparently he somehow found this blog (not sure how) and after reading the post (Grim vs Reznick) he asked about coming up here to Orlando FL to play. Apparently Dominic lives over in Melbourne, and I guess they have a lack of gaming out there!

This makes me smile. Part of why I blog is to FIND other players, and to expand the community. So, consider this post an open invitation. If you ever find yourself in Orlando feel free to let me know. I would be happy to have a game or two with ya at my FLGS, Rhubarb Games. Come, join us!

We rock the house. Big time.


Grim vs Reznick 500

So I went up to the FLGS for the first night of our new CTA League. My friend John, the man who sold me my trolls, was up there waiting for me. Turns out he wanted to play against me, and wanted to bust out his Menoth. So it was 500 points. Reznik vs Grim.

Sadly I did not have a chance to take any pictures. We both kinda got caught up. I know we played the Gauntlet scenario, but it didn't matter cause we both wanted to just kill the other. I know he had a Reckoner (the rocket dude), Choir, Devout, and one of the light arc nodes. He also had a Guardian, the big guy with the gun and the hammer. Oh and Cleansers.

I had my standard Grim, 2 Impalers, Axer, KSB +1, Fel Caller, Chronicler, Champs.

Some highlights:

I made, and this is the honest truth...16 total Tough Rolls. At one point John commented "Why on earth are you even thinking of starting another faction? The gods of the Trolls freakin LOVE you!" That they do.

Taking out his Arc Node in a single shot from Grim at max range. Dang I love that.

Him tricking me into killing a Cleanser with a free strike so it blew up in my face. It was a good move. I still made the tough rolls though heh.

And the kill: Reznik had feated, removing all my fury. I took my Grim and tethered Reznik, just in case this did not work. I then used 1 Impaler, who was behind a wall, to huck a spear. I prayed for a crit after boosting to hit, and got it. Reznik was DOWN. I then charged with the second Impaler, knowing that the melee would autohit. First attack left Reznik with 5 HP, I bought a second and boosted and did EXACTLY 5 damage, killing the priest.

That game was intense. Just the turn before my kill Reznik got into spell range and hit me twice with Perdition, dropping Grim to 2 HP. I knew I had one chance to win this, and I went for it.

I really feel the need for a Mauler though. I really do.


Kaya vs Madrak Battle Box Report

So, yesterday on Saturday me and the newbie Dan went up to the FLGS for him to get yet another game against me. This time he said he had learned. So, we did another Circle vs Trolls Battlebox game.


I know the picture is not great, but you can kinda see where I am vs where he is. I let him take the first turn and setup after we rolled off. The large ship object in the center is set as difficult terrain. This later screwed him up and helped me out.

Turn 1:

He moved up, having an Argus move to the flank near me while the rest of his forces moved to the other side. I cast Sure Foot and then moved up towards the left, going towards his Warp Wolf and Argus. I also ran each beast, thus generating 1 fury each.


Turn 2:

He warped Speed and moved his Wolf up towards the edge of the difficult terrain. He moves Kaya up against the ship preventing me from seeing her, and moves the Argus back behind the Wolf. His second Argus moves around the edge of the ship to the right. He also stealths the Warpwolf with Cloak of Mists.

I move 1 Impaler towards the flank with the single Argus, cast its Animus on itself and hurl a spear at his Argus, taking out its Spirit. I activate Madrak, and cast Rush on the Axer, and then Sure Foot. I move the second Imapler up and and rile. I then have the Axer charge the Warpwolf. I wiff on my attack, and then realize I left him outside my control range. Woot I aint gonna be transferring or forcing now! DOH!


Turn 3:

He moves his Argus on the right up after healing a point of its Spirit with Kaya. He then summons a Giant Pringles Monsters, and deviates its hit roll:

Forgive us, we were being silly. Hehe. He then activates his Warpwolf, warps STR and with 2 boosted claw hits kills my Axer. He cannot chain attack though.

I go and leech, and cast Sure Foot on Madrak and do nothing else. I then move my Imapler into melee with his Argus and with a boosted attack roll, boosted damage roll, and 1 more attack, kill it. I then use the other Impaler to hurl a spear at his Wolf, boosting the hit and critting it. I take the slam and move it back a grand total of....drum roll please.... 2 INCHES!! At least I knocked the darn thing down, and I boosted the damage roll, dealing enough damage to take out ITS spirit. I then realized that Madrak still had 2 Fury, and I had 5 fury floating around. Oh dear.


Turn 4:

He uses Kaya to heal a point of the Warp Wolfs spirit, stands it up, and forces it to regen. He then moves his other Argus in front of the Wolf and gets it in range to bark, which he does and misses with a boosted attack roll. He then realizes that Kaya still has 5 fury and there are 2 floating around.

My turn I leach all the fury on the Imapler facing the Argus and Wolf, and 1 point off the other. I make my Threshold check and pass. I cast Surefoot on Madrak, I ditch the last 2 fury, and move the second Imapler into range so now both my Imaplers and Madrak benefit from it. I then activate the other Imapler, boost its hit roll and hurl a spear at the Argus, critting it and knocking it back wards into the Warpwolf. I boost the hit roll and roll 4d6 and get enough damage to knock out its Spirit, Body, and almost its Mind.


Turn 5: FINALE!

He leaches the fury off his Wolf, and then makes a Threshold check and FAILS for the Argus. It stands, and since it has no other targets takes its attacks against the Wolf. It does no damage. We then call over a friend, named Ryan, who gives Dan some suggestions on how to go for the Spirit Door assassination run at this point. Dan warps Speed, runs his Wolf around the Argus and gets it into Melee with my Imapler. He then ports Kaya in, and tries to take me down. I am immune to knockdown, so he just buys his attacks and feats and buys more. When the dust clears Madrak is down to 2 health, and Kaya has 1 fury. He elects to NOT go for the kill and instead keeps it.

I activate, leach, and start with the first Impaler, attacking and dealing 14 to Kaya. He does not transfer. The second Impaler goes and deals 8, he transfers to the Wolf. Madrak goes, takes his first swing boosted and...MISSES! I buy a second attack, boost, hit, and deal 18 damage, killing him.


End of Game Thoughts:

Dan asked me what he could have done better, and I advised him to get into Melee with me faster. I pointed out he does have the speed over me, and he also forgot to bark each chance he had. He did not understand the damage transfer mechanic, and thought Kaya would be much easier to kill then she was.

Someone else pointed out that Kaya is kind of a one trick pony with the Spirit Door thing. I think Dan needs to go ahead and expand up to 500 points so he can fight me on a bit more even of a plane. I also pointed out I got lucky with my Crit Slams which really screwed him up.

All in all we both had fun. This Monday I am going to be going to my FLGS for the start of our League. They are starting a bit late it seems but hey it works.

I decided that I had not given Grim a good chance, and after talking to fellow Troll player Gdaybloke from Lost Hemisphere, I have decided on the following 500 point list:

Faction: Trollblood
Points: 493
Model Count: 12
Victory Points: 17

Grim Angus
Troll Impaler
Troll Impaler
Dire Troll Mauler
Fell Caller
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]
Trollkin Champions [5]

All I need here is the Mauler and the Gobbers. I basically use the Mauler as my heavy hitter when the time comes, otherwise he will be using his Animus on both Impalers. The gobbers will keep Grim protected along with themselves, and of course the standard Champs + Fel Caller.


Fighting the Legion

So we have that Legion player at my FLGS. He seems to have decided he wants to play me again in our stores league, and has decided he will hand me my first crushing defeat this season. So I am sitting here trying to figure out what to do against such a foe.

Gdaybloke of Lost Hemisphere has been giving me all sorts of tips to use with Grim (such as remembering to use the Tether Gun for one!) and also pointing out I shouldn't play a Grim list like a brick.

But I was hoping some of you all out there gentle readers might have some more general tips in regards to dealing with Legion. Like what kind of nasty tricks should I be watching for?

Also, I am wondering if I should wait till I have a heavy before playing again. I really could use a heavy beatstick.

EDIT - Its a different legion player, but the issue still stands on what to do against legion :P