Fighting the Legion

So we have that Legion player at my FLGS. He seems to have decided he wants to play me again in our stores league, and has decided he will hand me my first crushing defeat this season. So I am sitting here trying to figure out what to do against such a foe.

Gdaybloke of Lost Hemisphere has been giving me all sorts of tips to use with Grim (such as remembering to use the Tether Gun for one!) and also pointing out I shouldn't play a Grim list like a brick.

But I was hoping some of you all out there gentle readers might have some more general tips in regards to dealing with Legion. Like what kind of nasty tricks should I be watching for?

Also, I am wondering if I should wait till I have a heavy before playing again. I really could use a heavy beatstick.

EDIT - Its a different legion player, but the issue still stands on what to do against legion :P


  1. Trolls in general deal with Legion better than other armies do because of our medium bases and durability. If you are set on Grim, only use Return Fire on himself. Pick off Shepards with him ASAP with Farstrike helping. Bring Alten Ashley and set him up in back to help you take out spirals. If it has wings, it must die, that Angelius is a pain, knock it down and hit it for free.

    Your heavy beasts are more than capable of taking on their heavies, force them to deal with something lesser so your bigs can get the countercharge.

  2. I wouldn't worry too much about that Legion player. He talks a big game, but hasn't played much in recent months. He also hasn't really ever played against trolls, except one or two games.