A Big Thanks!

Goes out to Barrett. You are probebly wondering who I am talking about. Well, let me tell you the story. So as most of you know I started with Cygnar. I discovered quickly that they were not for me, and ended up moving on to Trollbloods, which makes me very happy. But I was left wondering what to do with my Cygnar.

Now Barrett has been commenting on my blog for a while, and he suggested Bartertown, which I ended up using. Much to my surprise he ended up buying some of my Cygnar. After the first order, a month later, he wanted to buy more, and I had no other offers so I went ahead and sold him some. Before shipping it however, I realized that I didn't want nor need the Cygnar, and ended up just sending him ALL of my remaining stuff. I didn't tell him either, as I wanted it to be a surprise. And from what I know, he was indeed surprised.

Now today its my turn to be surprised. This morning I check my email to find this comment on my last post:

Hey Clayton,
Hope you received, and enjoyed, my little thank you gift for the Bartertown deals. Good hunting with the Trolls!

From Barrett.

So I go 0_0 I haven't checked my mail in a few days (I am bad at that) so I have no idea what he is talking about. So after dropping my wife off from work I head to the mailbox and check, and find a package for me.

Inside that package?

Grim Angus Blister.

So now I have Grim Angus, another Warlock for my Horde. And I am sitting here looking at it going "Dude."

Thanks Barrett. You rock sir. Now I just have to put all my trolls together :P This is one way to get me to do it hehe

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