New Player Introductions - Results!

So my friend Dan got to play. First game of course was against me, and sadly I missed the comments you all made on my previous post >.< I am totally full out fail. So in his first game I told him to feel free to ask me questions, ask my why I was doing things, and I would happily explain. He then told me to not go easy on him as he didn't want to get a "false sense of hope". Dan is a strange person to be honest. Hehe.

So, I didn't hold back. Gene, the gent who I played against last time poppped in, and assisted me in teaching Dan. At one point I left myself open to the Kaya Spirit Door Assassination Trick without realizing it. Once I noticed, Me and Gene explained to Dan what I had done, and how Dan could possibly capitalize and win. This is when Dan learned the first true lesson of Warmahordes: Play like you got a Pair.

Dan did not go for it. Rather, he decided to play it safe. I went so far as to warn him that one way or another I was going to kill him next turn if he didn't finish me off, and he didn't seem to really believe me. So, when he went after my Axer and didn't take him out, I took out his remaining Argus, Warpwolf, and Kaya was left standing facing a unused Impaler and Madrak. At that point he conceded. To be honest he seemed kind of bummed out, and rather then play me again I asked Gene if he could play, Seaforge Battlebox vs Circle. Gene obliged.

I went at this point to play against a Legion list. I really do not like Legion. I played against a list that had the following:

Searyn? Whatever that chick is, the twin.
2 Shedders
2 Angelius
1 Seraph
1 Cav Solo, the Nyss Sorceress

I of course used my Grim list that I detailed in my previous post. For those who don't wanna look back however:

Grim Angus
KSB +1 (So 6 total)
2 Imaplers
1 Axer
Fel Caller

I knew that if I was going to win this I would have to be lucky. Now, this was the first time I ever played someone who was...how shall I put this? Cocky. He told me, flat out, that he was going to go for the Assassination. I knew about Flight and he told me that I would never see it coming. Yea...I am smarter then I look dude.

So first turn, I ran my champs up. Ran everyone up, took a shot and threw a couple of spears. He got into position. Second turn I ran my champs again, and next thing he knew I had my Champs about 6 inches away from his Caster. I could see the change right there in his expression, a change from "I am gonna win easy" to "Wait, this is not a good thing"

He still fly his guys over and attacked my beasts, and got his shredders into melee with my champs. As the fight went on he had to use more and more effort to kill things as I kept making tough rolls. Eventually however he got an Angelius back to Grim, and I had no one to transfer to and no safe haven. At that point I conceded, and shook his hand thanking him for a good game. He seemed kinda...distracted by that point. As if he could not believe he had so much trouble. I have to say, I took a kind of twisted amusement that I gave someone THAT much frustration :P

When I went back to Dan's game, I found that Chris, one of our FLGS Skrone/Khador players helping Dan out. Chris is awesome. He is the man whose damn cats (Ferox) tore me up when I played my Darius list for the first time. So I turn to the Dan vs Gene and find taht Gene only lost 1 Gun Bunny, and still had 2 others and a Driller. Dan had 2 Argus, 1 that was near death, and of course Kaya, who had a SINGLE HIT POINT LEFT.

This time Dan went for the throat. He had already feated, and had been literally doing 1 point of damage per attack with his 2 Argus to Gorten. He finally charged Kaya in, and used up ALL her fury to bring Gorten to 3, but he had managed to knock Gorten down with a crit (Gorten had not used the anti knock down spell).

So we have 1 Argus left (the other had died the turn prior) Dan hits automatically, boosts damage on the first bite...does 1. His second attack? Boosts damage and does 2... exactly enough to kill Gorten.

Dan wins his second game, and was much happier. He said afterwards that he had learned alot and enjoyed the game. So while I might have sucked at teaching and I learned something, at least Dan seems to be enjoying himself. Overall, a win as far as I am concerned!


  1. So, I was the new guy. I gotta say that last game was a real nail biter. The turn before last I had 7 hitpoints left on Kaya and 0 fury, so I cut myself to gain fury and went for a full 6.

    One hitpoint for my opponent to do me in. In an unexpected series of low rolls, I emerged from his turn unscathed and charged as hard as I could, boosting rolls and burning up fury on a knocked down warcaster. Then, like Clay said, I forced the remaining Argus to attack several times and managed to lop off the last point with no further fury to spare.

    The whole thing was a rush, and there were people around that helped me understand the mechanics. Now that's a great impression, and the experience overall sold me on the game.

  2. Now to feed your pewter addiction. Soon you will be ONE OF US...ONE OF US