Troll Heavies - Where to Start?

So I am going to get for my Trolls a heavy finally. There are, at least by my count, 4 different Heavy Beasts. I am basing all this on Battle College's Trollblood Page so forgive me if I am not stating the right things.

Firstly we have the Dire Troll Mauler. A staple it seems of alot of forces, his animus Rage gives a trollblood model +3 STR for one turn. He also has a fury of 5 and a decent P+S Attack on his 2 fists, plus his chain attack. Snacking also seems like a decent way to keep him alive, but I have heard that he can be downed easily with focused fire.

Next, we have the Dire Troll Blitzer. His animus seems situational, and while he doesn't have the chain attack he has a d3 Gun that can fire regardless of what the troll is doing. Run the troll, fire the gun. In Melee? Fire the gun, but at a target NOT in melee with the Troll. The range is meh, and so is the RAT, but the Impaler at least can boost the Ranger and I am not sure if the Fel Caller can boost the RAT (I don't think it can).

Thirdly, we have the Alpha Beast, The Earthborn Dire Troll. He is slightly easier to hit but also has a better MAT then the standard Dire Troll, and his Animus is interesting. I hear alot about "double dipping" to get the KSB Armor Boost twice using his Animus. His special powers seem interesting on the surface, and since I have been enjoying Grim I could see a few combo's with Grim and the EBDT. Also the Stealing of a Weapons POW can be devestating but I wish I knew more about how it worked.

Finally, we have the big daddy, the oldest of all the Dire Trolls....Mulg the Ancient. This guy is our character beast, and truth be told I love the look of him. He is so...angry and awesome. In fact, he is one of the first reasons I started looking into Trolls. This guy just screams BEAT FACE NOW! His animus is interesting, and his special Rune Breaker Scars are also interesting. He has reach, which is neat, but only 1 really powerful hit and then a secondary hit in the open fist. Since I am not running Doomshaper his affinity is moot, but Are you going to Eat That seems amazing. 4 inches of out of turn movement + regeneration? Sign me up man! That could be scary.

So here is where I stand. I want to get 1 single heavy for now. I am limiting my purchases to one item for Hordes a month, and for now I want a heavy. I just have no idea what to GO with. I have Grim and Madrak for my casters, so I want something that can support both of them. I am leaning towards either the standard Dire or the EBDT, but Mulg just looks so awesome. Of course, conversly, Mulg is the most expensive of the brutes. Comically enough I have a guy who wants to paint Mulg when I get him for free, so I do have that if I get Mulg hehe.

So I ask you all, the paragons of Warmahordes! Given my options which Heavy would YOU start with and why?


  1. I went with Mulg myself, because I love that model. Fluff trumps rules, for me, and I think Mulg is awesome. His aniums is really situational, and I think there'll be lots of times where it doesn't even come into play.

    Rules-wise, I think the Earthborn is probably the best bet if you want something other than the Mauler.

  2. I may end up going that route. Having a big angry painted for free troll would be AWESOME.

  3. Personally, I like the look of the Dire Troll and the Earthborn the most. Have you picked up any other books besides Primal yet? That could help you know what you've got... for now, at least. You could also get the extreme DT Mauler, if you want to blow all your money.

  4. I am hesitant to pick up the other books due to Mk2. I am not sure if I want to get them or not. They are like 30 bucks a pop you know.

    Thats a mauler right there from the right online store!

  5. If Mulg is the reason you got into Trollbloods in the first place then I would definitely agree that you should pick him up. I haven't had a chance to field him so I can't comment on his performance. I can say that the Blitzer is very underrated. It's one of those models that performs much better than it looks on paper and I think it's a great matching with Grim. The added benefit of the gun can give it a really nasty threat range and throwing a model with the blitzer and then popping it with the gun is very effective and very fun.