Grim vs Gorten - 500 Points

So today I went down to my FLGS to take my trolls out for their first game in about a month. I also took a friend of mine who is interested in the game named Dan with me. We ended up hanging out up there for about 30 minutes when I met a man named Gene. Now, Gene and me chatted about Hordes and Warmachine. Turns out Gene was purchasing some Retribution and had just about EVERY Merc model in the game. He said he was up for a game and ran off. 30 minutes later he returned, and brought out Gorten Grundback and a Seaforge list.

His List:
Gorten Grundback
Ogrun Boker
Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps - 10 I think (Might have been 8)
Horgenhold Forge Guard - 10 I think (Might have again been 8)
Herne Stoneground & Arquebus Jonne
Gunners - 3
Driller - 1

My List:
Grim Angus
KSB + 1 Extra Scribe (5 Scribes)
Fel Caller
Impalers - 2

I don't remember how the first couple of turns went save for a few highlights. Turn one we both basically advanced, and I dumped most of my fury into the KSB. I also took a single shot at his Gun Corps with Angus, but was too far away to hit (even with the Impaler's animus). He didn't do a whole lot on the first 2 turns.

After 2 turns of advancing, I finally got a shot at his Horgenhold. I only could miss with Angus on snake eyes and I roll....SNAKE EYES. This set the tone of the game for both of us. Most of our attacks that could ONLY miss with snake eyes got, well, snake eyes. I was able at one point to cast Rush on my Axer and charge, and use Thresher. Now, I am not sure if each attack ON thresher gets the damage boost, or if just the first, because it is a special attack. Also, am I even allowed to use Thresher on a charge? Neither of us was sure so he allowed it. I had shot one of his Horgenhold and was able to get the charge and hit 3 others.

He got Gorten in and after one attempt at killing my Axer he finally was able to do it on a second turn.

The best part for me was when I charged my Champions into his line. He had lined up Herne and Jonne, the Driller, and his Gun Corps. I was able to get 2 champs in B2B with the Gun Corps, 1 in with Herne (the Ogrun dude), and 2 with the Driller. I killed 1 Gun Corps, Herne, and did some damage to the Driller.

In the end we had to call the game on time. He declared me the winner via VP, as I had only lost 2 Champs and my Axer, and he had lost Herne, all but 1 Horgenhold, a Gunner, and 3 of his Gun Corps.

Things I learned!

I need a Dire. The KSB really did not help too much in this game, save for preventing some damage to the champs via the Armor Aura. I easily however can expand to 750 by getting another unit of Champs, a EBDT, drop the Axer or the second impaler, and go for some Long Riders. I enjoyed the Toughness yet again of my Trolls, but the dice hated me this evening.


  1. As someone who started out on Searforge, he could have been a lot nastier. Searforge gets to pack up to three Bokurs, and Brun & Lug. He was certainly not pushing the contract to its full potential.

    Glad you enjoyed the game though :)

  2. Yea I know. I was reading about Seaforge and they sound HELLA Nasty if played right. Brun and Lug alone are horrific.

  3. The Axer can use Thresher on the charge but only get charge dice on the charge target all other attacks have to be boosted separately. Now if MKII Gods smile on Trolls the Axer will have reach.

  4. I am thinking I do need a beatstick. But I cannot decide between a Dire Troll or a Earthborn Dire...

    Any suggestions?