List Building - I have no idea!

So thanks the Barrett, I now have a new Warlock - Grim Angus. This gives me the following trolls to work with:

Grim Angus
Madrak Ironhide (pMadrak)

2 Imaplers
1 Axer

Kriel Stone Bearers (at least min size, might be with 2 more)

Fel Caller
Stone Scribe Chronicler

I have no idea what to do with these guys. Can I make a decent 500 point Grim list with these? Should I stick with Madrak? What would I want to add to build a good Grim list with the stuff I have? I have set my sights at 500 points at the moment, but I intend to expand to 750 when I can. I want to get Fennblades instead of Kriel Warriors for my troops.

Any ideas?


  1. By adding Grim, you will definatley get a different feel of the game. I would not however use the stone with Grim, because it is not condusive to his playstyle and could be points better spent else where. that being said, Grim is awesome, and the list would still run fine.

  2. What could I use instead of the KSB? I figured it could still back up my champs if I dump a few points of fury here and there into it.

  3. Champions, a Kriel Stone, and a Fell Caller can be a good starting core to any 500-point list. Madrak (with Sure Foot) is one of the best warlocks with them but Grim can be handy as well.

    Add all three beast and either Warlock and you have a good enough place to start and see how the faction feels for you. After that it'll just be trying to figure out what holes you'd like filled in your force.

    If you wanted to remove the Stone, you could look to some of the common solos like Alten Ashley to fill in points, but it really depends on your playstyle (and common opponents' playstyles). I'd say try a few games and if you're getting overwhelmed in one aspect of play, start looking at what your options are there.