List Theory - Grim and the Bulls

Ok so I got Grim and was thinking about how to use him at 500 points and have some fun. A few people have told me that the KSB don't really fit his playstyle, and after taking a look at his card I can believe it. So I got to thinking...

How can I expand my trolls while also building a decent 500 point list?

I think I found it. I call it Grim and the Bulls:

Army Points: 489
Victory Points: 17

Grim Angus

Troll Impaler
Troll Axer

Trollkin Champions
Trollkin Long Riders (3)

Fell Caller
Trollkin Hero

I figured that with this list I have a decent infantry unit in the Champs, some fast power in the Long Riders, and 2 excellent solos. Further, the Axer can hang with the Champs while the Impaler follows Grim around.

What do you all think? If I go with this I need to purchase the Long Riders and the Hero, which is not too bad to be honest.


  1. Yar, getting the cav and heroes isn't a bad idea either way... but at 500pts, will two lights be sufficient to keep Grim at his Fury cap? I'm thinking a Dire wouldn't go astray.

    People have a lot to say about the Earthborn with Grim, but I'm testing out a Blitzer at the moment, since I can charge the Blitzer into melee and let the Pyg shoot over the head of whatever it's engaged.

  2. A EBDT replacing the Axer would probebly be a better idea but I am not sure I have the points available. I am gonna have to check.

    If so, I will have to take a hard look at it.

  3. The 500 list I'm planning on escalating to for WMHC2:

    Grim Angus
    - Bradley the Blitzer (w/ Ernie the Ace)
    - Vivian the Impaler
    - Neil the Axer (or Moll the Slag)
    Trollkin Champions
    Hugh the Fell Caller
    Swamp Gobbers